What is this (but i do even)

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What is this (but i do even)

Post by rageguy on Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:17 pm

This is the OAA, a fantasy motor racing simulation website. it was founded in 2013 by rageguy, during his ban from the Automation forums.

Why are there no pics?
This game uses a forum and is text based

What are the rules?
1. No Nudity (go put it on some porn site)
2. No Bullying (though trolling is alright)
3. No spreading of Malware
4. Regular racing rules are used

How are the races calculated?
i use a program called xkoranate (look it up), using the car's horsepower to calculate the skill

What are divisions?
Types of racing. there are 6 divisions: Historic A, Historic ST, Super 2000, GT, Formula 3 and Formula ford.

What are conferences?
Reigonal areas, There is currently only 1: Australasia, but there will be more when people demand it.


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